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Compassion-Centered Nonprofit Organization

Angel's Fostering Care Foundation Corp. is a nonprofit organization in North Carolina. We do everything we can to help families and foster kids feel loved, including:

  • Providing Christmas Gifts
  • Assisting With the transition from Foster Care to Adulthood
  • Supporting Single Families
  • Sharing Clothing Donations, Meals, & School Supplies
  • Empowering Families Experiencing Financial Hardship

The most important thing for people to know about the organization is that nobody is tucked away. We try to provide some type of assistance for everyone who walks through our doors. Our work is diverse and challenging, but our purpose is simple: to give back and help people in need.

Started in 2018, we are a local organization focused on the nearby communities in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We hope to increase donations and better serve those who rely on us. Any contribution helps — from toys to make sure that every kid gets a Christmas gift to clothes students need as new school years start.

Contact us to be a part of our mission to bring hope and help to families and children in foster care.

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You can donate to our family-focused charity online or by mail. Any amount you contribute is tax-deductible. We are also looking for volunteers. There are no dues, qualifications, or time commitments. Just help where you can and see the difference it makes in your community.

Our Team

Our Vice President is Dr. William Wilson. A pastor for over 40 years, he is dedicated to giving back to his community and serves as a dean at Hosanna College. We're also supported by Treasurer Chair Michelle Thompson, a breast cancer survivor who grew up in foster care and cherishes the chance to get involved wherever possible.

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(833) 510-3139

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North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia